Welcome My Name Is Tony Elam

I just happened to be waiting for an Uber in some really photogenic spots!! ?This site is my namesake and home for things of my personal interest. ?I am a people person, love food, family, and tinkering on projects digital and physical. ?I am a marketer at heart and intend to talk about all things related on this site mainly for my memory, but also as a service to anyone that it will benefit. ?If I can serve you in anyway feel free to ask! ?-Tony

I am a content marketer.

I have been using my marketing skills to benefit others for the past six to seven years. ?I have been learning a vast array of skills from building WordPress, HTML, CSS, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, Social Media Marketing, ?Paid marketing, and so much more. Now that I have had a chance to sample marketing in a broad sense. ?I want to narrow it down to how I can serve others. ?I really like content and video production. ?I like podcasts also, but to keep it narrow I am going to focus on content marketing and use all tactics around that goal.

Early Mindset About Me & This Blog

Do you need passion to start a business?

At this point I am not 100% certain what the exact answer is for this question. I think there are some people who have passion out of the gate and no monetary strategy, and I think there are some people who have a monetary motivation and no passion for their topic. I would even go as far to say as some of the Extremes in both of the examples mentioned have no expertise when they start blogging, but that doesn’t seem to stop them. On the other hand there are people who have experience that can simply benefit other people…..

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I don’t know why I wrote this word convergence.

I’ve done quite a bit of Google searching for this word in relation to marketing and other marketers who might have used this word, at least other marketers who I can think of who might use this word. I think the main idea is taking the ideas and blending them together.

More on this later.

????Build a business while working a part time job

I would say for many that this is a great path. Unfortunately I wish I took this path. I am running a full-time business figuring things out as I go. ?Many who still work a traditional job, they either want to add to their income or explore new ideas, they want to leave their full-time job, or in my case ,I started a business AND I still have other ideas because I’m not certain about the business I started.

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Build a business based on finances

So there are only so many ways to get money for your business, this part shouldn’t be complicated. I think people overthink this part, and I think if you’ve never ran a business before like me, the simpler you keep it, the better. Everyone thinks different, so you have to learn things on your own, and each person has their own way of doing things. ?What I do know is that I have set my own rules and I don’t borrow money any longer.

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Build a business based on ability

?I actually got interested in starting my own business based purely on my passions, ?however I noticed a different type of business owner who was more pragmatic. He was the kind of business owner who would sell shovels two Eskimos didn’t really care what he was selling he just like being in business. These kind of people are really dangerous when they’re pragmatism meet their passions in my opinion because they seem to have endless energy and they have endless interest.

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Build a business based on demand

I think is important as having passion is having demand. however a lot of people don’t do there research when getting into ?business and so it just makes sense to make sure that there is a clear demand or what you’re selling. the other side of the coin is to make sure the demand is clearly understood by you and that you clearly State what you’re selling. you may be really knowledgeable about your Market but not understand what your clients want, or you may not know how to bridge the gap between what your client thinks they want and what you know they need. so there are some short-term and long-term strategies that I am honestly learning as I go but I see have to be figured out. we will attempt to cover this in the blog.