Where Do I Buy A Domain for My Website?

Choosing a domain

It’s time to build your website and it is your first time.  Hopefully by now you have decided on a type of name that you would like for your URL.  As you may or may not know, many domains are already taken.  In fact I have had several good ones that I let expire only to have someone swoop right in and and buy them up.  I have several that I keep on a regular basis.  You might have a tough time finding the domain you want with the (dot)com, (dot)net, or (dot)org extension, but you can either adjust the name or the extension.  For example there are several new domain extensions like .co or .tv.  There are also vanity domains like (dot)ninja, or (dot)guru.  These new extensions will most likely cost more and not everyone will be receptive to them.  Many people may not even understand that it’s a url.  At the end of the day you need to make the best decision based on your needs.

What Is The Best Place to Buy My Domain?

You can buy your domain almost anywhere.  You can buy it from the place where you host your website if you wish, some web hosts will give you a domain for free when you sign up for a web hosting package.  I prefer however to keep my domains separate from my host just in case the host isn’t working and my website is on lockdown.  I can at least put a temporary page up or something.  

With that said the place that I prefer to use it Google Domains.  It’s a bit more pricey than if you were to go to a place like Godaddy or Namescheap.  However it includes several feature such as domain privacy that I would buy regardless of where I purchase a domain  This prevents my address from being publicly accessible.  It also integrates simply with Google Suite (Duh!).  If you need a few more reasons, they have a simple interface, and don’t try to oversell you on a ton of things. Oh, and I don’t feel like Google is going away anytime soon.

So there you go.  Go order your domain today!

Here is a link if you are ready.   http://google.com/domains  

Build A Website For Your Business

You have a million things to do, a million things to learn, and one of those things is how to build a website for your business. You would like to simply hire a person to take care of it for you but the budget isn’t there for it, and the website isn’t the highest on the priority, but you want it to look nice.  Good news the next few articles will focus on what you need to get it up and running.  This article will be a basic outline of where to get started.  The key is to actually get started! So with that in mind lets get moving. BTW there is no specific order in which many of these need to be done, but I will put them in the order that makes sense to me.

Step 1: Choose A Domain

You want to secure your domain as soon as you get started.  Odd are you won’t get the first domain you search for, but if you do great.  The main question is where do I search for when I am buying my http://www.domian.com.  Also does it need to a .com?  Can it be a .net?  Or what about one of these vanity metrics?  There are many places to buy domains. Many times you can buy them from the same place as where you host your website.   I however, prefer to use Google Domains to purchase my domains and I prefer to keep them separate from the place that I host my website. I will go into more detail about domains in another post, but for now check out Google Domains. 

Step 2: Choose A Web Host

Choosing a good web host is more important than you think.  From customer service, speed of your website,  uptime and the ability to transition as your needs grow.  Other things to consider is the platform that you plan to use like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, or something else, as well as cybersecurity.  As you will see in the next step, I prefer WordPress, and out of the many, many websites that I have built, I have come to prefer SiteGround as my hosting platform.   I will go into more detail in an upcoming post about which plan to use, and how to navigate the CPANEL in the background.  As well as some other features like their Super Cacher.   If you can’t wait check out this video and then click on the link to visit SiteGround.  

Step 3: Choose A Website Platform

There are so many web platforms to build your website.  You can learn HTML, CSS, and PHP to build your own, or you can use a web platform to build it.  Like I said there are so many to choose from; heck when I got started I learned on a platform named Pixel Silk, a random one that 99.9% of people have probably never heard about.  You need to make sure you have a platform that will suit your needs, but for about 90% of people I am going to speak with,  WordPress will suit just fine. WordPress Boasts about 30% of the worlds websites and going from here it’s what I will provide when it comes to tutorials and recommendations.   

Step 4: Choosing A Theme

If you are going to follow my recommendation to use WordPress, or if you are already sold on that idea, then you will need to choose a theme. Think of a theme like a skins that goes over the bones.  The bones are WordPress, and the skin can be many different looks.  As you would expect, there are many choices of themes to choose from.  Also there are a new breed of page and theme builders.  I will go into greater detail about what themes I like, and the pros and cons.  For if you are ready to make a decision before I have the tutorials made, take a look at StudioPress, Thrive Themes, Beaver Builder, and if none of those float your boat, you can always check Theme Forest, and the Free WordPress directory.  With the last two options, you want to make sure you purchase themes that are well coded, secure, and come with reasonable support.  As I mentioned before, I will go into greater detail, but for now I will post a video about Thrive Themes.

Step 5: Create Your First Page/Post

Once your website is live, you want to get your first page or post created.  Progression is the name of the game.  You will want to constantly be improving your website, so no need to wait until it looks perfect to get started creating content.  Make a goal to get 10 pieces of your flagship content created within a short period of time.  Like a week, or a month.  I will focus on what flagship content means soon enough, but for now get started.  

You  have more than enough information.

I am not sure what information you know and what you don’t know about websites.  if you are just starting to build a website for your business, this is much more information than what I had when I got started. Since I am learning what you know and what you don’t know I would appreciate it if you comment below and let me know how I can help you with upcoming articles and videos.

Build a business based off ability

I actually got interested in starting my own business based purely on my passions, ?however I noticed a different type of business owner who was more pragmatic. He was the kind of business owner who would sell shovels two Eskimos didn’t really care what he was selling he just like being in business. These kind of people are really dangerous when they’re pragmatism meet their passions in my opinion because they seem to have endless energy and they have endless interest.

Because of the facet that I have been led by my passions for most of my life rather than my pragmatism, I can’t prove this but I have to think that the same is true or the passion based entrepreneur. At some point if you can become just a tad more pragmatic in your thinking, holding true to what made you passionate, ?you will eventually find an alignment that will give you endless energy.

The key is not talking about it and delivering.

The pragmatic person delivers and that’s why he is so attractive in business.

Once in awhile when a passion base person gets it right though it is amazing. Also ability is not an individual thing. If you know what you are lacking in ?when it comes to ability, ?you can bring in hired workers. whether this be through actual employees or virtual assistants, mentors or reading books whatever is needed to get the job done.

I need to stop talking about this subject now and focus on delivering.

Build a Business Based on Finances

So there are only so many ways to get money for your business,  this part shouldn’t be complicated. I feel people overthink this part (I have at least), and I think if you’ve never ran a business before like me, the simpler you keep it, the better. Everyone thinks different, so you have to learn things in your own way, and each person has their own way of doing things.  

What I do know is that I have set my own rules and I don’t borrow money any longer.

Paying for Trial and Error

The one exception would be for my home, and I do intend on paying that off. My personal level of income hasn’t been high enough to outrun any ignorant choices the I have made in business,  and if you don’t have enough liquid cash to experiment a lot and/or you don’t know what kind of business person you are,  then everything feels like a risk. I was in the dark about so much. So, for me, it  took simple trial-and-error and learning from me own experiences and that is a high price to pay. One that I didn’t want to pay interest on.  When you borrow money you have cash in hand.  You can trial and error, and make mistakes fast, and if you’re smart in business perhaps even correct those mistakes and become profitable with other people’s money.

?Know Your Numbers

However because that borrowed money softens the short term blow financially, because it’s not from your own back pocket, some business owners may not be aware of the potential downfalls that are occurring. 

That’s why I am choosing to take the longer route and fund everything on my own.  It is painfully slow, but I see now that inaction and indecision is also equally causing me in the short-term more on that later.

Profit First

I recently listened to an episode of the Ray Edwards show where he interviews Mike Michalowicz about his new book Profit First.  This book I will be reading, implementing, and then reviewing soon.  You don’t need to wait, you can listen to it here. 

Click Here To Listen

Based on living a debt free life style the past few years,  I think Profit first has the right mindset for me to be able to structure my business and avoid the pitfalls that I commonly run into.  At the very least I think I will get some good nuggets from the book.

Have you read Profit First?  Have you successfully been able to fund your own business with out borrowing the money?  Let me know how you did it?  Did it take a long time? Were you able to hustle through it?  I would like to hear your story.  

Build a business while working a part time job

Business plans are great, but it doesn’t alway go as planned

I would say for many that this is a great path. Unfortunately I wish I took this path. I am running a full-time business figuring things out as I go.  Many who still work a traditional job, they either want to add to their income or explore new ideas, they want to leave their full-time job, or in my case ,I started a business AND I still have other ideas because I’m not certain about the business I started.

I started my business out of necessity, but didn’t have time to worry over the details, so I just got started. I would say my mistake was overthinking what kind of business I should do and not revealing some of my talents to others sooner and simply just begin helping people. That is what this blog is primarily going to be about. Serving others in my talents, treasures.The goal here is to serve others along side with a few other goals, but primarily to serve. A long time ago I learned a guiding principle.; 

You can have everything in life you want, if you will help other people get what they want. -Zig Ziglar.

When you have limited time you need to get to the heart of a few things.  

  • What people want.
  • What they are willing to pay for it.
  • What you are willing to do to fulfill their desire.
  • How big your business is going to be?
  • Can you repeat it over and over?
  • Are they happy with what you are doing?
  • Are you happy with what you are doing?
  • What is the goal is of this business? (World domination or a six figure side hustle.)

Not every business persons goals are the same.

I figure if you are reading an article like this for advice, then you let me confirm something you already are thinking.  Just because some of the goals of the business people you know are similar, they aren’t going to be the same as yours.  

This is good, and it’s bad.

If you aren’t solid with your plan, If you don’t have mentors in place, If you can’t get in front of the right people, It can be demoralizing. 

It can also be expensive.

That’s why working out the kinks and learning to cash flow your problems upfront in the brave new world where moonlighting and side hustles are allowed, or at least a lot less frowned upon is a good thing.  It takes a team and probably more assets than you think, even if you are planning on being a one man team.  

So test your idea on the side, but make quick work of it.   

Have you done this?  Tell me how you did it. I would love to hear ideas, and stories of other people who have side hustles or who made it out that way.  Even if it didn’t go so well I want to know those too!  Leave your comments below.